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  • What is Grisea's bioplastic made of?
    Grisea's bioplastic is made from seaweed, which is a renewable and sustainable source of raw material. In addition to algae, we only use other natural and biodegradable ingredients to produce our bioplastics.
  • What is seaweed bioplastic?
    Algae bioplastic is a type of plastic produced from seaweed, a renewable and sustainable source of raw material. Bioplastic made from algae is biodegradable and does not pollute the environment like conventional plastic produced from oil, which takes about 400 to 500 years to degrade in nature.
  • What are the sectors that can use algae bioplastics?
    Algae bioplastics can be used in several sectors, such as packaging, cosmetics, agriculture, civil construction and even in the food industry. They are a sustainable and ecologically correct alternative to replace conventional petroleum plastics in many industry segments.
  • What is the environmental impact of algae bioplastics?
    The environmental impact of bioplastics from algae is significantly less than the impact of conventional fossil-based plastics. This is because algae are a renewable and sustainable source of raw material and their cultivation helps in the preservation of the oceans. Furthermore, our bioplastics are biodegradable and do not pollute the environment.
  • What products are being developed?
    In addition to pellets, masterbatches and sustainable packaging, we are working on the development of other biodegradable products based on partnerships with different industry sectors.
  • Is Grisea already selling?
    We are not selling yet, but we are in the final stages of developing our products, follow our networks to stay up to date with news and find out when we will be selling.
  • Como posso comprar os produtos da Grisea?
    Você pode comprar os produtos da Grisea entrando em contato diretamente pelo nosso site na seção "Contato". Se precisar de mais informações ou suporte, entre em contato conosco por e-mail em ou pelo Whatsapp disponível.
  • Is Grisea looking for new talent for the team?
    We don't have any vacancies for now, but we are always looking for new talents for our team. If you are interested in our work and believe you can contribute to our project, send your resume to the e-mail address
  • Is Grisea open to partnerships?
    Yes, we are always open to partnerships with companies and institutions that share our values and goals. Please contact us to discuss partnership possibilities.
  • A Grisea oferece soluções personalizadas para empresas?
    Sim, a Grisea oferece soluções personalizadas para empresas. Trabalhamos em colaboração com nossos parceiros para desenvolver bioplásticos específicos que atendam às necessidades e requisitos de cada negócio. Entre em contato conosco para discutir como podemos ajudar sua empresa a adotar soluções mais sustentáveis.
  • How can I contact Grisea for more information?
    For more information about Grisea, you can contact us through our website, using the form found in the “Contact” tab.
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